SCM (Supply Chain Management) service

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JIELI Electrical SCM service refers to a full range of supply chain management services for circuit breaker manufacturers. The service content has the following four solutions.


1. Product customization solutions

We will help customers who want to invest in the construction of MCB and RCCB factories, as well as manufacturers who want to increase the MCB and RCCB product lines, to determine the types, models, technical standards, and process standards of products.

We can also help you, based on the original product, carry out product upgrade development or secondary development to ensure product differentiation and competitiveness.


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2. Mould solution.

According to your needs, we will provide plastic parts molds, stamping parts molds, riveting molds and positioning molds required for assembly production.

You can download "Mould Making Flowchart" (download "Mould Making Flowchart") to understand the mold making process.


3. Equipment solutions.

According to your investment and production needs, we will provide you with MCB and RCCB procurement plans for production equipment and test equipment, production tools and other needs in the assembly and production process.

We will also provide you with equipment procurement services and equipment installation and adjustment services until all equipment meets production requirements.


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4. Components solutions

We can provide you with a complete set of MCB and RCCB parts in a timely and quality manner.

We can also customize any MCB and RCCB parts for you according to your requirements.

Because we have 20 years of experience in R & D and production of MCB and RCCB, we can ensure the matching of MCB and RCCB components, so as to ensure that the components can meet the product standards.


You can download below file to understand the SCM service of JIELI Electrical.


Download"A picture to understand JIELI supply chain management services