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MCB & RCCB SKD Parts Series

Components Series have MCB (C45N、L7、C65、DX、Self owned structure)and RCCB (ID、F360、NFIN、Self owned structure)full set components,provide SKD and CKD services.


In order to help our customers reduce product costs and reduce their reliance on our company, we provide mold design and production services for customers, including plastic parts and stamping parts.

MCB & RCCB Production Equipment

∙In accordance with the scale of the factory and quality requirements of the products, we help customers to make purchase list and purchase budget of equipment. ∙Recommending the best cost performance equipment manufacture. ∙Assist in providing home installation and commissioning services.

B series

B Series circuit breaker products has the function of overload protection, the main feature is to achieve large-scale production, and to ensure a consistent high quality.

C series

C Series products are independently developed and have intellectual property rights, providing OEM and ODM services, and providing international certificates.

L Series

L Series terminal electrical products,independently developed and have intellectual property rights

H Series

H Series are available worldwide for customized services.

terminal products

Rated power:1-30kVA Appearance type : desk type, cabinet type Input voltage range: 150-250V Voltage stabilizing precision: ±4%