Myanmar MCB Factory Base

Date:2019-10-14 05:56:00 click:3700

JIELI Industry Alliance Myanmar production base officially launched


Actively responding to the strategic deployment of the National Belt and Road, the JIELI Industry Alliance Myanmar production base officially launched, let us remember this moment! In the next three years, the Myanmar production base will become a well-known miniature circuit breaker manufacturer in Myanmar, and will serve the new and old customers all over the world!




About factory construction consultation and all-round construction service,we can help effectively in all aspects.


For capital. It is mainly solved by the investors themselves. Our company may selectively invest in production equipment and parts according to the wishes of the investors.

Technical aspects. Investors share technology research and development and technical service platforms with our company. At the same time, our company will fully integrate the powerful technical strength accumulated by China's electrical capital over the years to provide technical support for investors. The shared technology platform and technical support include:

Process determination and optimization of existing products.

New product development.

Upgrade and update of old products.

Assist investors in market development and maintenance to answer and solve the quality and technical problems encountered in sales.




Product aspects. As long as the investor determines to invest and build a factory, our company will assist investors to locate the products to be produced, including:

Determine the product variety and production process.

Determine the technical and quality standards of the product.

Determine if the product mold is designed and manufactured.


Production equipment and components. Our company will propose a comprehensive solution based on the investor's investment intention, including:

Design and production of product molds and production molds.

Production equipment and facilities supply.

Basic laboratory equipment supply.

Complete parts parts and SKD parts kit supply.


Talent and management. Our company will provide training services to investors to help investors build talent teams and basic management systems.

Training services include: training of workers, training of quality control personnel, and training of production management personnel.

The basic management system includes: attendance system, wage system, production management post system, on-site management system, inspection system, and  warehousing

All aspects of finished product quality inspection system, warehouse management system, product quality inspection registration and entry system before storage.


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