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The breaker have the advantages of energy saving, safety, efficiency, compactness, fashionable appearance and gorgeous color matching. The maximum breaking capacity is

 up to 10KA, this circuit breaker offer provided overload and short circuit protection for equipment and circuit. The breaker is applicable to industrial enterprise, commerce, 

high-rise building and civil house. It conforms with the standards of IEC60898.

Main technical:

Rated current In: 1A-63A
Pole number:  1P,  2P,  3P,  4P
Rated voltage Ue: AC 230/400V
Rated frequency: 50/60Hz
Rated breaking capacity: 10 KA
Running breaking capacity: 10KA
Rated shock withstand voltage: 4 KV
Power dissipation per pole:   1A-10A : 2W
                                         16A-32A: 3.5W
                                         40A-63A: 5W
Tripping characteristic:    B . C . D
Mechanical life:              10000 times
Electrical life:                  40000 times
Protection level:              IP20
Fiducial temperature:      30℃
Ambient temperature:    -5℃ to +40℃
Storage temperature:      -35℃ to +70℃
Resistance to damp heat: 2 types(temperature 55℃,relative humidity 95%)
Installation type:            Modular structure, Rail mounted
Terminal wiring capability: 25mm²
Terminal connection type: Cable/Pin-type busbar/U-type busbar
Tightening torque:          2.5 N*m  22In-Ibs
Mounting:                      35㎜
Connection:                    From top and bottom