Ingelec Electric Re-visit JIELI Electrical

Date:2019-10-01 12:00:00 click:2064

Ingelec electric Ltd visit Jielis workshop

Ingelec electric Ltd visit our workshop from Sept 20 to 21, 2016 to talk about new deals, our new products of B200B series MCB ( Disjoncteur Dismatic) with Overload Protection are so popular in this market due to reliable quality and competitive prices these years.

The cooperation with Ingelec:


In addition, our company can provide many professional service.Such as: 

OJM Service

On the one hand, in the field of low-voltage circuit breaker market, our company is the first in the world to create OJM services. The characteristics of OJM service is that our company cooperates with global customers or investors to develop new products. The design ideas of new products are jointly proposed by both parties. The research and development of new products is the responsibility of our company. The property rights of new products are generally shared by both parties.


On the other hand,our company is not only a service provider of low-voltage circuit breakers, but also a manufacturer. It currently provides OEM and ODM services to nearly 30 countries around the world. The products that provide OEM and ODM services are mainly MCB, RCCB, Isolation switch and signal lights.

• OEM Service for OEM Customers worldwide

.New Product development and production service (ODM) based on product technology transfer 


SKD & CKD Service

Our company supplies seven kinds components,including the supply of complete spare parts and SKD assembly parts. 

MCB type such as C45N type, C65N type, L7 type, and DPX (C15 type).

 RCCB type such as NFIN type, F360 type, and ID type.