Welcome all the friends from the 127th online Canton Fair get to know more about the services of "Jieli Electrical"

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Welcome all the friends from the 127th online Canton Fair,Here you can have a comprehensive understanding of the services provided by Jieli Electrical for the global market.
   The services included three parts:first is supply chain management services,second is products assembly localization consulting and services,third is provide OEM and ODM services.Please click below pictures to get know more.







8 keys industry chains to provide coordinated services

① R & D and production of products.

——Ensure that the product line always has a competitive advantage.

② Complete set of parts manufacturing.

——Ensure the quality of parts and components and timely supply.

③ SKD processing and service of key parts.

——Processing of parts and components to make production easier.

       ④ Manufacture of production equipment.

      ——Supply complete sets of production equipment and laboratory equipment.

       ⑤ Product mold design and production.

      ——Help customers solve the production and supply of key components by themselves and reduce the dependence of key components on imports.

       ⑥ Import and export of technology.

      ——Provide comprehensive technical services and support for product development and product upgrading.

       ⑦ Import and export of goods.

      ——Ensure timely delivery of parts and equipment, and ensure normal production order.

       ⑧ New project investment consulting and services for localized production of products.

      ——Provide comprehensive services and support needed to build a factory to ensure project success .

Provide 4 solutions

——The collaborative services provided by the eight key industry chains are actually the following four solutions

1. Investment solutions for localized production projects

2.One-stop purchasing solution for production equipment

3. Product mold solutions

4. Parts (SKD service) solutions

Solutions of top 10 supply chain management issues that customers most concerned


1. How does the product achieve local production?

——JIELI provides investment consulting and comprehensive factory construction services

2. How to solve technical staff problem?

——JIELI provides long-term technical cooperation and technical support.

3. What production equipment is needed? How to ensure the normal operation ?

——JIELI will provide equipment purchase checklist and budget and ensure the equipment is installed and commissioned in place and operating normally.

4. How to solve workers' technical problems?

——JIELI will provide worker training until workers master production technology and have production capacity

5. What kind of quality and model can we have to have a competitive advantage?

——JIELI will guide and assist in the construction of production lines which have market competitive advantages.

6. How to obtain the market access certificate?

——JIELI will provide products to assist in applying for market access certification until the application is successful

7. How to solve the problem of parts procurement and management problems?

——JIELI will provide one-stop parts procurement services and ensure that the purchased parts comply with international standards and have price advantages.

8. How to solve mold problems?

——Generally, no mold is required for assembly. When mold is required, JIELI will provide mold design and production services

9. How to solve the problems of new products and product updates?

——JIELI will provide OJM services and strong technical support, cooperate in the development of new products or provide product replacement services.

10. How to solve problems in production?

——For general production problems, JIELI will provide consulting services and solve them with the  advanced network communication tools. For larger problems, JIELI will dispatch engineers to visit the service within one week to solve them.